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Planet Descriptions

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Planet Descriptions

Post by Gamerang on Sun Nov 28, 2010 2:33 am

Alpha Centuri:

This planet was one of the first planets colonized by the Earth Empire
and was used for the peasnets of Earth. Now it is one of the most
populated places in the galaxy with 11 Million people living on the
surfice. The planet is also a Tactical base.


The home of the Human Race. The Earth Empire protect this planet
with there lives and would never surrender it. With it's water
falls, green fields and lava flows it's the perfect mix of hell
and heaven.


The Orion Syndicate broke up over 200 years ago when they were
conquered by the Earth Empire in 2204. Orions are used now for slave
however they make very good bodyguards.


A minning planet. Nothing lives here yet it is protected greatly by the
Earth Empire due to the secret starbase selling Drednought Galaxy Class
starships. The Klingons would love to get there hands on it.

Lik Prime:

The only peaceful planet in the galaxy. A mirror of what Earth was but
after the Battle of Lik the planet is under Earths control.


The Andorian people owned there planet right up until 2399 when an
Earth attack force exstiminated the population. You can still find
Andorian escapies roaming the galaxy.


Allies of Earth until they turned. The Vulcan alliance was originally
with Cardassia to fight off Klingon forces however there change on
heart led to there destruction in 2407.


Earths computer network is run from here. Flash's programmers are
some of the best in the galaxy.


This gasious ball has very little interesting things on it. Owned
by the the Earth Empire it is prone to Klingon asssault leaving it


A klingon invasion crushed the Cardassian Empire in 2401. Now the
Klingons use this as there second command base incase Earth destroys


The planet that should have been destroyed centuris ago finally came
to its end in 2402 when the klingons exterminated the population.

Cardassia 4:

Cardassias twin planet. A small minning world where pirates lerk round
every corner.


Formally homed to the Zartonians. Now a desolate world after Klingon


The center of the Klingon Empire. Earth would love to own this planet
but its is deep inside Klingon territory and Earth have never had the
guts to invade.


Klingons from the battle field live here as they prepare for battles
in Earth territory.


Klingon warriors lay to rest here in the name of Kah-Less.


The Klingons own little Tepos. Weapons from small pulse canons to
Thaleron Super Generators. All the weapons you need are here.


The former Cardassian Empire would constantly attack here. It may be
under Klingon control but due to Cardassian attack it us desolate
and dead.


A planet owned by the earth Empire originally. Now the Klingons own it
as a result of there 2385 super attack on the earth Empire.


A planet not to be messed with. Its heavy defence will crush you before
you've even begun.


Named after another great warrior. Like Kah-less warriors are layed
to rest here.


This is a small uninhabbited minning world. Nothing lives here.


The home of the Romulan Star Empire. From here the Romulans control 4
planets and 17 moons. It is heavily armoured and equiped for an

Nelvana 3

On the edge of the Neutral Zone. Romulans nor Humans may come here
however the Romulans lay strong claim to it.


The Breen Homeworld is under Romulan control now after the
Dominion War.


This small rock is heavily guareded by the Romulans yet nobody knows
why. Infact the Romulans rarely go there themselves.


The Dominion/Reman alliance has sparked a new Empire and one that
is controled from this small rock.


the Trill were happily eating there breakfasts ready for work when
a Reman Warbird Thaleroned the population. All in a days work for the


A Teposian alliance with the Remans soon led to the annexation and
now the Remans threaten the Earth Empire.


Finally united. After 400 years of Romulan Rule the Remans are finally
free but they want revenge and not just against the Romulans.


Nobody goes to this planet. Controled by the mysterious Borg it is
uninhabbited and very dangerous.


Controled by the Borg but the Romulans lay claim to it.


This small rock in the Gamma Quadrant is one of the last Dominion
planets in the galaxy.

New Switzerland
Konael and any others stay the same.

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