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-Question- (Important) How are we gonna do this?

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-Question- (Important) How are we gonna do this?

Post by Genix on Sun Apr 24, 2011 11:20 am

How are we going to get this forum up and running? I haven't even seen Gamerang and the most I see of Vedic is on the BM Forum, and even then he isn't very active. EP we need some way to get this forum working, considering there are no more admins apart from you we have limited functions here.

We could try completely Re-Starting the forum, as in delete all Non-Essential topics, and keep everything like rules and stuff so we start all over again. Giving us a clean slate to work with. We could try make more essential things for questions and answers. We also haven't had a game update in ages. So we need to get into contact with Gamerang.

We need some more attractive things on the forum too. (Such as a more wider variety of games and stories from members Ec.) We could also try giving in some Rep points for doing different things or award FPP Points for doing good deeds on the forum. Anyhow we need some way off making the forum more interesting before even thinking off getting more members too join.

Have you got any ideas EP?

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