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The '*****' is Ready

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The '*****' is Ready

Post by Gamerang on Mon May 23, 2011 1:10 pm

Ok this is everything.. just everything needed for the game so EP you can stitch all this in. I also attempted to use flash myself.. which failed badly though I did manage to change a few things like titles thats about it. So anyway here it all is..


1) Breen Cruiser

2) Breen Warship

3) Cardassian Hideki

4) Cardassian Warship

5) Galaxy Class

6) Intrepid Class

7) Nova Class

Cool Pelican Class

9) Runabout

10) Sovereign Class

11) Jem'Hadar Battlecruiser

12) Jem'Hadar Battleship

13) Jem'hadar Cruiser

14) Jem'Hadar Fighter

15) Klingon B'rel

16) Klingon K'vort

17) Klingon Negh'Var

18) Klingon Vorcha

19) Keldon Class

20) Tal'Shiar Warbird

21) Reman Warbird

22) Romulan Scout

23) Romulan Valdor

24) Romulan Warbird

25) Tzenkethi Fighter

26) Tzenkethi Warship

27) Dominion/Reman Hawk Ship

28) Dominion/Reman Scout

29) Dominion/Reman Warship


Race Descriptions:

Terran Empire

The Terran Empire have survived for many years in extreme circumstances. They have survived the Klingons and the Dominion but now the Terran Empire face a new threat from an unlickley source deep in the Romulan Empire. Locked in brutal war with the Tal'Shiar the Terrans have struck a deel with the Klingons in an atempt to destroy this Romulan threat once and for all. In your small runabout you must destroy the Tal'Shiar and avoid desruction.

Klingon Empire

The Klingon Empire have survived longer than even the Terran Empire. They slowley built an empire around there warrior spirit and now with an aliance with the Terran Empire the Klingons must defeat a comon enemy... the Tal'Shiar. In your B'rel class Bird of Prey you must build a living and destroy the enemies of the Empire in glorious battle.

Reman Empire

The Remans had been locked in Romulan Rule for 400 years until an Gamma Quadrant race named the Dominion offered them freedom from the Romulan rule. Slowley at the planet Blender the Dominion/Reman alliance took shape and with a new fleet of Reman and Dominion ships ready and waiting, the destruction of Romulas is coming closer and so is the Alpha Quadrant. In your Scorpian Class attack ship you must build a fleet and be ready for the final Romulan and Reman battle.

Breen Confederacy

The Breen a a fairly unknown species with little technology. Despite this some merchents and traidors have said to have seen enoumas powerful ships in the Breen system. The Breen homeworld is a frozen wastland though during the Dominion War the Vorta who visited Breen said that the pplanet was infact not a wastland but a hospitibal planet full of life. The Breen, for many species, still remain a mystery. In your small Breen Fighter you travel the Galaxy and do trades with your close neighbours the Ferengi.

Ferengi Alliance

The Ferengi Alliance has existed over 5000 years and is based around pure greed. Ferengi ships are large with low technology and a massive cargo hold for all that Latinum. As a Ferengi you travel in a small shuttle craft looking for deals and travelling to the Vulcan and Breen systems but the Ferengi themselves very rarly leave there system bacause of the War.

Romulan Empire

The Romulan Star Empire have existed a long time but there fate is upon them. The Terran and Klingon Empires at war with the Tal'Shiar and the Empire at war with the Reman/Dominion alliance. Things look bleek for this xenophobic species. In your small Science ship you must survive the galaxy with little cargo space and no weapons.


Now detached from the Romulan Empire as a seperate orgenization, this group of spys and assasines face a war with the Klingons and Human Empires. The Tal'Shiar themselves use a massive Tal'Shian Class Warbird which makes your usuall d'Deridex look like an escape pod. Unfortunatly for the Tal'Shiar they only have 10 in existence so cannot really fight the Klingons and Terrans. In your Scout ship you must build an empire and make the Romulans a powerful force again.


Alpha Centuri
Terra Nova
All the usual planets
Nelvana 3

Any others (spare) can be uninhabbited or taken by near by empires or independant. As for descriptions for new planets I'm going to let you write what you like EP. You deserve to leave a mark after all you are the one making this possible.

Opening Titles:

Map: Very Happy

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Re: The '*****' is Ready

Post by Gamerang on Mon May 23, 2011 1:15 pm


The year is 2401. The Remans have detached themselves from the Romulan Empire in a gripping twelve year war. Free from Romulan rule they have joined forces with the dominion and declared war sending the galaxy into chaos! The echos of the Kligon-terran war come back to haunt the alpha quadrant and with the Tal'Shiar and Romulan Empire both fighting winnable wars the future looks bleak for the Empire. Can one Empire rise above them. Klingon, Terran, Breen, Dominion, Romulan.. Or even Reman. Who will you choose.

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