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Blue Sky Rules and Workings

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Blue Sky Rules and Workings

Post by Gamerang on Tue Aug 09, 2011 1:38 pm

This RP is based on the universe of the imcomplete Dark Horizons game. Each government has a leader. The govs can:

Conquer by claiming planets.
Claim independance (if a sub-gov) by claiming there surpessors planet.
Negotiate planet ownage over the 'negotiation table' thread.

The governments amount of money is the same as the users amount of Latinum. The ''declarations list' thread will show which governments are at war and at peace with eachother.

You can build starships using your latinum. You can request starship construction via 'star dock' thread. Each ship will have a price and upon building the starship[s] this price will be subtracted from the users latinum amount.

The Empire left standing wins!

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